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Monday, November 1, 2010

About Me

Most of the people who follow this blog have done so for a while and know me pretty well. Or they are friends of mine from way back who know me really well. Or they are family who know all the embarrasing stories I have never told.

But it's NaBloPoMo and one of my goals is to attract new readers, new followers. And some of those people don't know me. I thought perhaps it was agood time to throw this one out there.

So this is me, sitting on the stone wall in my garden last week. Just before snow covered up all those deliciously golden leaves that made me feel rich whenever I walked outdoors. One of my three kids took it while we were outside tossing balls for the dog. And being less energetic than they are, I decided to watch for a bit.

We live on a farm. 50 acres of rolling hills and forest, and a river at the edge of the property. We have endangered cattle and sheep - enough of them that they pay for themselves, and not so many that we don't know most of their names. Our farmhouse was built in 1837, and features a massive stone hearth that takes up the heart of the kitchen. We renovate. Constantly.

I read. A lot. I have been in a slump lately as my book club will attest to, but on average I get through 4-5 books a month. And that's just for pleasure. As a fiction editor, I read a great deal more than that - usually at least 10 partials and 2-3 full manuscripts every single week. 

And I teach at the local college. Communications. Business writing. Hoping to teach a self-editing course one of these days when I have time to organize a course outline.

And of course I write. Poetry, short stories, essays. And this blog, where I ramble on about whatever suits me: the kids, the animals, the family, books, food, and other miscellaneous topics.

So if you're here for moral support, thanks for dropping by. And if you are new, leave a comment with your URL so I can find you and visit your blog.


Leanne Haines said...

I am proud to be one of those "friends from way back" who know you really well! And I have to say, I LOVE reading your blog. I remember how excited I used to get to receive one of your (old-fashioned) paper letters in the mail. I would find a quiet corner and devour it as soon as I could. This month I get to do that every day! Can't wait!

By the way, you mentioned two of your jobs. Has the other one gone by the wayside? Does this mean you are not a "nine-to-fiver" anymore?

Thanks for the kick start! I have my first few NoBloPoMo posts in my head already. But this has given me inspirations to add an "about me" one to the list!

See you in 12 days!

wifemotherexpletive said...

hey! i'm jealous as all get-out of the life you just described all casual-like. . . way urban WAY urban over here... thanks for visiting and i think your goal to visit and comment all around is a well worth striving for... i'm aiming for one or two a week, how's that for half-assed? :)

Finola said...

I am not really old or new around here but I love your blog and I just wanted to stop by and support my fellow NaBloPoMo writer. Nice first post to start off the month!

Angie said...

Great to meet you, Denise. Just saw that you joined my blog and I thought that I'd check yours out. I'll come visit you when as I can!

Mary Lynn said...

I'm new but pleased to find you. Love that you started the month with an About Me post to get us all nicely introduced. I'm totally impressed that you read more when you're in a slump than I do when I consider myself to be blazing through the books.

Best of luck with NaBloPoMo!

Nick said...

Lovely property

Andrea said...

Hello, Denise--Thanks for visiting Go Ask Alice today. I wouldn't have known about you otherwise.
Congratulations on your big decision to leave the corporate world. I hope you find more time for writing, reading, blogging. Your life is so overflowing and rich. It's generous of you to share it. I'll be back