View From The Glen

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My weird family (but I love them anyhow)

Erik, 14, is the voice of reason. Overly much at times, but he does have a wicked sense of humour. Tonight he was enjoying a joke about H2O, H2O too (versus H2O2) and murderous scientists which was a little obtuse for most of his listeners, but that didn't stop him from explaining the details.

And that makes him the most normal of them all tonight.

His youngest sister, my sweet Gracie, 11, dressed as a bear, was explaining that she's been conducting a series of experiments on her friends and family regarding pupil dilation. Without their knowledge. She shrugged off with a very Gallic wave of her hand any ethical considerations of not informing them, stating that if people know you are experimenting on them, they are less willing, and results may be skewed. 

I worry about her.

Anna 13 was busy being teen girls are wont to be...between dramatic flair and most ernest concern. One minute she is recounting the needle she had today and how it hurt, and how she is never, EVER, EVAHHHH getting a vaccination again (insert heartfelt eye roll here), and the next, she is harnessing her inner middle age, all indignant about the state of education and how she feels she is being short changed and under challenged in school.

13 is about extremes, after all.

And then there is Andrew. I wasn't going to mention him, but then, post bath, I am shelving bath bubbles and lotion, and in among them on the top shelf is a syringe of topical medicine for cattle that clearly states, "For veterinary use only" and which, just as clearly, my husband has been using to self-medicate. Who knows why. 

I am not even going to try to understand that one.