View From The Glen

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where I Write

I write at my desk - a huge solid structure that takes up a good third of my office/library. It faces the window so I can look out through the fading leaves and across the field. In the summer, the play structure is just out of sight but I can hear the laughter and shouts of the children. I love the natural light that filters through in the late afternoon as the sun starts to sink.

I write in the living room, laptop on my knee. Sometimes I curl up at one end of the big leather coach, with children beside me, but my preference is the recliner chair where it is more comfortable. This is the place I write when I have something that needs to be done but want to spend some time with the family as well. Often on a Sunday afternoon. They watch a movie or read a book, and I write, the words coloured by the warm familiarity of togetherness.

I write at the kitchen island. Because it's by the stone fireplace and that is comforting in Winter. Because it faces east so is bright in the morning. Because I want a change of location. Sometimes because I'm trying to write something at the same time as I am cooking dinner.

I write in a tiny notebook that I carry in my purse. I jot down ideas and concepts, scribbling at stop lights, or by the light of a lamppost while I am waiting. I write lists and notes, sketches and poems, key words and outlines. I write in waiting rooms, or during breaks at meetings.

I am a writer.

I write.


Leanne Haines said...

I love this. I just do.

Bluestocking said...

I feel the tingly creative juices flowing through me just reading this. May you always find peace and productivity in your writing place.