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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lessons From My Weekend

I spent a fabulous weekend in Toronto with some friends I've known for, oh, twenty odd years or longer, ever since university. We don't see each other very often, though I mentioned them here last year, and I came away from my weekend having learned some very important lessons.
  1. I have no (as in zip, zero, zilch) sense of style - though after catching some show about how not to dress on TV late Friday night, I do know that feathers in your hair are taboo, and so are skintight catsuits. Not that I ever wore feathers or skintight catsuits.
  2. I drink way more wine than either Leanne or Julie.
  3. I like eating at gourmet restaurants such as Far Niente.
  4. Having seen how much people buy and what the prices are at some shops, I realize I am in the wrong tax bracket.
  5. Shopping in the right company can be fun although I find it hard to buy (see #1 and #4).
  6. Books are still more important to me than clothes, which probably explains #1. Also I don't find it hard to buy books. Quite the opposite in fact.
  7. I have willpower. Despite desperately wanting a Kobo, I know it is on Andrew's Christmas list for me, so I resisted. I did not however resist picking up The Exile. So limited willpower might describe it better.
  8. I would like someone to turn down the covers and leave chocolates on my pillow every night.
  9. I should probably at some point consider having my hair styled and/or wearing makeup so I can look as polished and sophisticated as my friends.
  10. Despite my fear of city driving, I was able to navigate my way into the heart of downtown Toronto and back out again with ease, with aplomb, with - dare I say - grace. And without a GPS. And I am remarkably smug about that small feat (though was very happy to see country roads again).


Julie said...

11.Despite not being overly fond of the biggest city in the country, we still had fun there and did not seem out of place.
12. Many people out on the town were not dressed better than any of us three less cosmopolitan girls.
Oh, and may I point out that we all looked great all weekend, even when dressed like a trio.

4meaneys said...

I had to google Kobo!

I find as I am getting olde- photography, crafts,and scrapbooking take up much more importance to me than clothing- however Steve made me buy some new clothes before venturing to Cape Breton- and I do love them ( even though they are Reitman's) It is all in what you rate as importance. I rate providing my children with documentation of their childhoos very imporannt, family very important- and do not rate pants that I am libel to fget mud or grass stains while taking a breathtaking photograph as very low on my list!!!

Mary Lynn said...

Ooooh! I love Far Niente, though I haven't been there in years. They used to have a chocolate souffle dessert that was to-die-for.

Glad you had a great weekend.

Leanne Haines said...

13. Weekends like that need to happen at least once a year!

Laura said...

Ah, I love Far Niente but like Mary Lynn, it's been years. It think you look very stylish in your photo - three gorgeous women! Thanks for your advice...will donate my skin tight catsuit. Are you sure about the feathers?

Pam said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Nothing like an escape with the girls. I, too, think having someone turn down covers and leave pillow chocolates would be something I could get used to.

Finola said...

Regarding #2, I bet I can keep up with you :)