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Monday, November 22, 2010


Do you ever start the week more tired than you were on Friday?

That's me today. Despite the fact that I said No to going to Toronto for a family Christmas get-together on Saturday because I wanted needed to have some down time (and didn't think an 8 hour round trip drive would count: as an aside, this was one of the only times in my life I have actually said "No" to something that I am expected to attend, and I have mixed feelings of guilt and relief); despite the fact that I turned off my computer and did zero work on the weekend - not even reading; despite the fact that I spend Saturday idly cutting back my gardens; despite the fact that I stayed Saturday night at my in-laws in Ottawa and slept in until 10am on Sunday (the difference dark blinds make to a room: my bedroom at home has no curtains at all - which is how I manage to get up at 6 every morning); despite ALL THIS, I am still tired today.

I was talking to my sister the other week about being tired. It's kind of an occupational hazard, being a parent. We do run all week - from karate on Mondays to Cubs on Thrusdays and swimming lessons on Friday, it's pretty hectic. I have an amazing husband who does most of the running round right now because I am busy with work, with editing and with teaching, but he also works a 60 hour week, so is it any wonder we get to the end of it and feel exhausted?

To be fair, we are usually better at the balance. We pack a lot into five days and then spend the weekend lollygagging around, reading, cooking, relaxing. But the past two months for one reason and another have been even more full than usual.

Time to step back. We have no going away plans between now and Christmas. No travel with kids. Oh sure we have plans over the next few weeks- a dinner party next weekend with friends, taking the kids to see Tangled some time, and I am looking forward to meeting some blogging friends in December. But these things rejuvenate and restore. 

As for being tired today, I have a plan to fix that too. After grocery shopping and karate tonight, I am going to have a long sudsy bath, a hot cup of tea, and an early night.


Leanne Haines said...

Just confirms your decision, doesn't it? Glad you stood your ground and stayed home this weekend! Good for you!

Julie said...

Did the evening go anywhere near as planned? I scraped snow from the walks and driveway and packed more boxes - no illusion that I will get a break during the next week or so.