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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kick Start and Kick Off

I'm committed.

It was a chance remark on twitter by Finola that got me going. She was participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blogging Post Month for those of not familiar with this rather wordy abbreviation, and sort of a sister to the more ambitious NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month), and was inviting our support. The goal is to write a blog post every single day during the month of November, and is a terrific forum for new bloggers who want to establish themselves, and seasoned bloggers who may need a little push.

What better way to show my support, I thought, than to join her! (Her idea of celebrating with wine at the end of the month had nothing to do with influencing me, nothing!)

So I cajoled my friend, Leanne, and got her on board, and I let the Twitterverse know my plans and politely requested begged them to cheer me on.

To be honest, it's kind of a kick start. I have neglected my blog lately and though I'm starting to pay more attention, I really needed something to motivate me to pick up the momentum. I also want to discover some new blogs. It's been a while since I was out there reading and searching and commenting and blogging, and there's a real thrill in that - in finding someone who says just the right thing at the right time to make you smile or laugh or cry or think about the world just a little differently.
I'm excited and motivated and ready to go. Get ready, get set...


Mary Lynn said...

This will be my third November doing NaBloPoMo, and it always seems to come at a time when I need to kick-start my blog a bit.

Glad to have you along for the fun!

Mindful Merchant said...

Awesome! I look forward to reading more... :)

and giggling every time I read "NaBloPoMo".

Finola said...

I'm so happy to read this post :)
And so happy you are joining me in this. Yay for wine at the end of the month!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - good luck with posting as a daily ritual! You just might inspire me to keep it up too :)