View From The Glen

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We've been here only three days, and my feet are tired, so tired. But what fun it all is. We hit Universal, Epcot, and Seaworld this first half of the week, where in addition to carousels, world pavilions and adorable dolphins, we also rode some really scary roller coasters that got my adrenaline pumping. The kids it seems, are impervious to riding upside down at 120 MPH or whatever it was: truly frightening.

Loved all of it, truly.

But really, what blew me away this trip was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I thought Universal pretty lame (except for Shrek 4D, which was fun) but when we walked over to Island of Adventure where Hogwarts was, the game all changed. It was phenomenal. I loved HP when first I read it. I used to dream technicolour dreams about Hogwarts. And this village really brought those dreams to life.

Hogwarts Express
Outside Honeydukes Sweet Shop....
...Where we bought Bott's Every Flavour Beans

We drank Butterbeer outside the Three Broomsticks 

Purchased wands at Ollivander's

And enjoyed exploring Hogwarts...on a fantastic Harry Potter ride .

Truly, there is so much to do here that I am exhausted. Going to the Atlantic tomorrow for a day of rest (and because I love the Atlantic) before hitting a couple more parks before we have to leave again.

But if there was one place to go to would be Hogwarts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

St. Valentine

Oh, tiny arrows, cinnamon-tipped, dipped in demerara sugar and crystalized honey
Beads of sweetness take flight
Arc and quiver and with sure fire aim,
Deliver up the promise of everlasting adoration: that love
That is not love beneath the tempest or alteration
But which in repose
Gladdens hearts quietly, without fanfare or agenda
Or need of candy coating

V. Day is not my favourite day - smacks off too much sickly-sweet gush and hyped-up over-commercialization. Fat little Cupid with his quick aim and what seems at times to be a warped sense of humour. Like Puck of the Greek gods.

Also it interferes with my birthday, making dinner reservations difficult to get and roses overpriced at double their actual value.

(Which reminds me that my red roses should have been white this year.

In honour of Richard III and York.)

Home of Richard III
Valentine's Day is for the kids. Cute paper hearts and pink cupcakes. Little girls writing BFFAE on envelopes and dotting their i's with tiny hearts. Little boys sending out cards with their messages of friendship delivered, somewhat incongruously, by transformers and robots.

But snark and cynicism aside, though I don't like the candy coating we have put on the day, I am a Romantic at heart and believe, really believe, that love that is true, love that is real, in whatever form or shape or time it may come, is as great a gift as anyone could ever have.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Evil Clam

Today, Grace has commandeered my blog to share the premiere of her first cartoon movie. A slight name hiccup: It was supposed to be entitled The Evil Clam, but somehow the original name didn't get updated quickly enough for release.

We made slime today too. Frankly, I prefer the movie!