View From The Glen

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dinner Parties

Oh, I do enjoy a good dinner party. Whether it is dinner for eight in the dining room, pot luck for 12 round the fire, or a snug dinner-a-deux on the veranda, the combination of good food, great wines, and excellent company always makes me happy. Whether they are formal or casual, whether I am hosting or a guest, whether it is planned or unplanned, there is something about an evening of unhurried socializing and eating that makes me happy.

Last night it was a Spanish-themed dinner party at a friend's house where the wine brought back from Barcelona set the tone for the food (Patatas a la importancia and Ratatouille to go with the top steak) and made for a memorable evening.

I just inherited a set of china from Andrew's lovely grandmother who insisted I take her settings and the silver plate cutlery she got as a wedding gift from her husband. She kept for herself a few teacups and plates, but moving into a residence, felt she does not have room for everything. I'm more of a earthenware/pottery person myself, but inspired by the plates, I am thinking about a dinner party. Crisp formal linens, four courses of delicate flavour, sparkling crystal filled with fine wine, Vivaldi, and good hot coffee with cream are in my future.

Now, who wants an invite?

NOTE: I have to mention, since my blogging is erratic, that I had to disable comments due to too much spam. I just saw a bunch of lovely comments and authorized them so they now appear, but wanted to warn you that if you post a comment (and I hope you still do), it won't appear until I physically go in and approve it. A pain, yes, but the stupidity of spam cannot be overrated.