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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whovian Mom

Anna posted a picture to my Facebook page, with a comment stating that I am the #bestmomeverinthewholeoftimeandspace.

(Yes. She got Brownie Points for that.)

The point is that she posted this:

It's a fact that we are all big Doctor Who fans. And if I wore t-shirts (I really don't, except to the gym), this would be a fun one.

So I thought it was cute. And was going to post a cute but bland comment back when I realized, hey, I'm creative. I can do so much better than that.

Here's what I wrote.

Rules for Life from your Whovian Mom aka #bestmomeverinthewholeoftimeandspace: 

1) the Tardis is bigger on the inside....and so would your room be if you cleaned it
2) you can't go too far wrong having a sense of respect and wonder for the universe and everything in it (like the Doctor does)
3) if the Doctor invites you on an adventure, make sure you have one of those intergalactic cell phones so you can call home
4) control your that it doesn't end up controlling you in some massive alien takeover. (Related: have an inherent distrust of anyone telling you what to think...unless it's me; that's different!)
5) yes, I am your mummy (which makes me very happy😘)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Challenge Accepted

Saturday last week was Maker Day, a day when I challenge kids to do something creative. Often this results in coding for Grace, writing for Anna, passive avoidance for Erik (though he did manage a humourous speech last week).

But when I am motivated to encourage them (instead of spending the day lazily with a book), there have been some cool project: a papier mâché Smaug the Dragon, stop motion video, origami wildlife diorama, and...most recently...the start of a Doctor Who episode screenplay.


Doctor Who Meets Grace

I should not be surprised, I suppose, that they turned the tables on me this week, challenging me to create a photo montage of images to show the beauty of the small things that surround us in our daily lives.

So here it is.....via SlideShare