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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Cards

I like the ritual of writing Christmas cards for close friends and family and sending them off. Once or twice I have handmade them - painstakingly painting winter scenes one year, photos of the kids the next, and one year having  a pile of fun making witty photoshopped cards of our farm animals wearing Santa hats with captions (such as the sheep saying "he knows if you've been baaa-d or good"). Yes juvenile, But fun.

But this year, short on time, I was just planning to buy cards. Then my daughters got involved. And they have their own ideas.

So don't be surprised this year if you get some of the following paper versions of cards (these are incomplete at the moment):
Well, these aren't too bad are they? Fairly traditional. The prototypes won me over.

 But then, here, flanked by a recognizable snowman and a candy cane is some sort of, um, demonic elf.

And Anna's latent catholicism is obviously feuding with her cute-puppy-dog-with-huge-eyes phase.

As for what goes inside the card...

Most people are content with Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, May your days be merry and bright, that sort of thing.

Grace takes it one step further:

(ho ho ho, Santa Clause is comeing to the city and the countryside. isn't it AWSOME!!!)

Well, yeah, actually it is awesome. And inclusive too.

Though I am still looking for stickers that proudly proclaim Hand Made by Anna and Grace.

Just in case there is any confusion.

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Leanne Haines said...

Love it! Can't wait to find mine in the mail!