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Monday, November 8, 2010

NaBlo Week 1 Round Up

The first week of November closes and I have met some new and wonderful bloggers. This is of course in addition to the  wonderful bloggers I already knew. Some of my favourite blogs to read this week have been the following.

Mary Lynn's posts on Haiku and music:

Poetry and motherhood in Ottawa:

The beautiful chaos of

Paul's post on living the dash:

Andrea's Go Alice series at

A couple of writers:
and the young, talented, on-her-way up writer and my former fellow writers group member, Lindsay at

And then there are my faves:
The Mindful Merchant (who has a bunch more for me to check out!)

There's many more. So many blogs, so little time!


L. K. Below said...

Thanks for the mention, Denise :)

Finola said...

Thanks Denise! You are one of my favourites too :)