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Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie: The Great Reveal

Such great guesses. But here is the honest to goodness truth.

#1: Nun On The Run.
I really did go to ROme to spend time with my aunt, a nun. We really did have a pickpocket try to swipe my purse, and she really did swipe him making me think perhaps nuns weren't quite as meek as I believed. We didn't actually run to St Peter's to escape, but we were going there anyway, and the Swiss Guard really did refuse me entry because of the length of my skirt. And yes, my aunt tried to sneak me in the back way making me think perhaps nuns weren't quite as virtuous as I believed, either. All in all, this story is TRUE.

#2 Dog Gone Mad
I never took my blanket up on the roof to stargaze with my dog. Other than that, this story is also TRUE.

#3 FLower Pot
I do have some viking blood, mostly stemming from my isle of man ancestors, but Svori Sveny was entirely fabricated. No glass eye, no family of marauders, no flower pots. This story is a LIE.

Thanks for the guesses. They were fun to read! Almost as fun as this stuff was to write!

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