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Monday, November 7, 2011

Music, Animals and Attitude: Erik

The school our children go to has a band. Starting in grade 4, the students get to pick an instrument...clarinet, flute, drum.

Anna, as soon as she hit Grade 4, knew she wanted to play the saxophone. Grace, only now in grade 3, already has a trumpet. But Erik...well, he can be obstinate, and he didn't want to just play any instrument that the school taught. Erik wanted to play a trombone. Never mind that their music teacher was only teaching treble clef instruments. Never mind that he has never before showed any musical inclination. Never mind that no-one in our family plays a trombone.

True to form, he's figuring it all by himself. One note at a time.


Pam said...

Perfect. And I like the 3D photo of him playing. Good earplugs and lots of encouragement and his drive will take him far. Go Erik!

Julie said...

What no Bagpipes?
Would seem appropriate :)

Mary Lynn said...

That's a great photo and I approve of Erik's independent spirit. But I approve even more of Grace's choice of musical instrument.