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Friday, November 4, 2011

History Mystery: Hero or Pirate?

Depends who you talk to. Like most historical figures, this man was a hero to some, and a feared enemy to others. The Spanish called him the dragon, and had a bounty on his head. He lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and she awarded him a knighthood in 1581. He is remembered for his cavalier attitude towards danger (anecdotal), one great sea victory, his capturing of gold treasure, and his exploites in sailing expeditions around the world. He died as he lived - on the high seas - and dressed in full armour, his body was laid to rest in a lead casket and consigned to the ocean's depths where it has never (yet) been found.

Check back Monday for the answer

It's not Monday - I am behind. But it is Sir. Francis Drake, known to the Spaniards as El Draque.

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Eileen said...

Is it Sir Francis Drake?