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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Day In The Life

Busy much. I mean we all are. So when a student who knows I edit books as well as teach asked me when I had time to mark essays (56 of them - for one class) I just laughed. I just randomly assign marks I told her. (That was a joke).

Back in August, way back, I read a blog post called A Day In The Life and thought at the time, what a great idea one of these days. Today is that day and so, inspired by Sara who was inspired by Kathy  here is my version.

6 am is usually when I wake up. Just before actually is when the alarm goes off, but I wait until the dog snuffs her wet nose into my  arm before actually getting out of bed. Depending on how sleepy the dog was, I either do yoga or run (less running these days) and then shower, or just shower. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I wake up the kids. Sometimes Erik is downstairs already eating. This is something that never happens with the girls.

8 am Bus drop off is just after 8, so when I am not teaching I drop the kids off and return home to tidy the kitchen, drink a second mug of coffee, check emails and twitter and facebook, and listen to CBC. If I have an early class, I leave the house at 7 and the kids have a list of chores to do before Andrew comes home at 8:30 to drive them to school. Chores include feeding the dogs, cats, chickens, rabbit and fish, making lunches, packing their bags and brushing their teeth and hair. On those days when I am not here, I am not convinced they brush their hair or teeth. But the outdoor dog and the chickens do get fed. Priorities.

10 am- 4 pm I'm either at home editing books (typically Tuesdays and Fridays) or at the college teaching and marking (typically Monday and Thursday this term, but it will change again in January. If I'm at home I break to walk the dog and stretch around mid day. If I'm feeling ahead of schedule - or even on schedule - I might wash a floor or clean a bathroom. I always have dinner planned the day before (or the week before) and get any prep for that done too. When I'm teaching I rely more on the slow cooker. And Andrew, my emergency last-minute-pull-it-together chef. At 4pm, I pick the kids up off the bus, unless I have a late faculty meeting, at which point they go to an after school program and Andrew gets them on his way home. On Wednesday's in the afternoon I grocery shop and clean. Usually the other way round since I like to bring groceries home to a clean house and have somewhere to put them.

4-6 pm Hell Hours. I mean of course the usual craziness of after school. Homework, music practice, school notes and forms and letters and agendas. Sign tests, Review tests. Afternoon chores. Ask questions. Listen. Double check homework. All while making delicious nutritious dinner. Why yes, moms do make good jugglers, baby!

6-8 pm Dinner, clean up, activities, . Mondays are swimming and karate; Tuesdays are Beavers (the girls are junior leaders) and sometimes committee meetings for me, Andrew or both. Wednesdays are off (catch breath) unless there is book club (which I love); Thursdays is SCUBS (Scouts and Cubs depending on age). I usually take them to one activity on either Mon or Tue. The rest Andrew does the running around for which gives me much needed time to relax with a book or a bath. Hah. Just kidding. I usually read manuscripts to see if there is anything I love that I can recommend. Sometimes I mark essays or tests instead. I do aim for a long soak in a hot tub every Thursday. Sometimes it even works.

8-10 pm Reading, baths, bed. For all of us. Kids go up around 8:30. I'm done by 10. Sometimes instead of reading or working we watch the Big Bang Theory on DVD. Ah, the hedonism.

Friday nights Movie night and Pizza Hut. Every Friday night for 15 plus years this has been our tradition. Too wiped for anything else.

Weekends - All our activities take place Mon-Thu so weekends are free. That was planned. And it works. Sometimes there is scout camp or a visit or a day out. Sometimes there is farm work or gardening or cleaning. Sometimes I have to do prep for class or look over assignments. I nearly always check email on weekends, and sometimes will do a spot of editing. But I try to arrange it so that there is nothing pressing and we can just do whatever we please. We often have friends over for dinner and drinks.

What does your typical day look like? As atypical as mine, I am sure.

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Pam said...

Busy life! But fun, it sounds like. I'll have to write it all down sometime too. I wonder where the time goes some days.