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Monday, March 30, 2009

Secret Guilty Pleasure

I have a secret addiction.

As I mentioned recently, we are TV challenged . And for the most part, that is fine by me. Sometimes I hear about a show and think I'd like it (I used to love Masterpiece Theatre), and sometimes I'll rent a show on DVD (recently saw Seinfeld for the first time and enjoyed it, and Sex and the City and didn't). Last year, I heard about The Tudors and thought that might be good - but my mother-in-law (whose opinion I value) said not to bother, that it was pretty trashy, and I forgot about it.

Until January when I found the show on Itunes and downloaded an episode. And another. And yet another. And without realising it, I was hooked. I'm halfway through Season 1 now, and have been made aware of three things:

1. That though my mother-in-law is usually right, sometimes trashy is okay;

2. That there is a place for TV in my life - albeit a small one as I can barely manage one 45 minute show every 2-3 weeks;

3. That having this as a vice is pathetic - I must come up with something jucier than watching a TV show on my Ipod! Maybe I can start guzzling wine. Oh wait, I already do that.

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