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Monday, March 2, 2009

Secret Ingredient

I make banana bread (or muffins) about once a month or so - using up a pile of over-ripe banana's that the kids refuse to touch. That roughly equates to a dozen or more loaves a year times 8 or 9 years - for the sake of argument let's say I've made around 100 loaves.

So how come I've only just discovered the secret ingredient that takes it that one step futher up the yummy scale?

With thanks to Nigella Lawson, I have to say that the addition of rum-soaked raisins adds a whole level of sophistication to the humble Banana Bread.

The recipe couldn't be easier.

Simply bring 1/4 cup rum to a boil; add raisins and simmer 10 mins; remove from heat and let sit until they have absorbed most of the liquid. Add to your favourite Banana Bread Recipe.


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