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Monday, March 16, 2009

World of Webkinz

I bought the girls webkinz pets for March Break.

Boy was that a ticket to a whole new world.

For the uninitiated, these are pets with a secret code you use to log into the internet and create an entire webkinz universe.

You can decorate your home, play, dress up, visit other webkinz, go to the gym, learn new stuff...once we learned the basic navigation tools the girls had a great time.

What I liked is that they start off with 2000 in Kinzcash, which they of course spend on furniture, clothes, food etc. To earn more they have to go to "work" (answering quiz questions on the arts, sciences, math - all age-specific). Anna in 7-year old frustration said, It takes much longer to earn the money than to spend it.

Hmmm. Welcome to reality.

Overall, I started out sceptical and pretty much got converted. There are some great games and interactive areas where they can talk to other kinz pets (in a carefully scripted environment). They can send each other mail, and gifts (all for webkinz cash that they have to earn), and they can adopt other webkinz pets along the way.

The girls love it. I guess they are now officially Webkinz Girlz.

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