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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But it's good for you...

I don't think it's too big of an overstatement to say that I detest the taste of water.

I don't mind it if I've been playing soccer or other sport and am super thirsty, but other than that I tend to steer away from it.

But it's so good for you, I am told.

As a gardener, you don't have to convince me of the benefits of water to life. I don't dispute water's contribution to overall health, better skin, clearer mind etc. It's just that I don't like the taste.

A cup of water on my desk will go untouched all day. But determined to be healthier and fitter by summer I've been toying with ways to increase my water intake, and have come up with the one mug solution.

Now instead of letting water sit by the computer while I sip coffee (which I do like), I simply wash out my coffee mug and fill it with water. Now I can't have more coffee until after the water is gone. Incentive indeed. Just three more gulps...and I can have java. Thank god.

So now in a morning I have 4 cups of water. Yes it's interspersed with coffee, but it's still 4 more cups than I was having before. And I'm drinking less coffee too Down to 2-3 from my usual 5 in a day.

Works for me!

If you have any other tips for including water in your life, please let me know - I need all the help I can get...!

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Kim said...

I can't tolerate the taste of tap water. I must have spring water (not filtered or purified) or nothing.

And yes drinking it fast and getting it out of the way helps.

Do you drink green or herbal tea? They count as water too.

How about those Crystal light mixes (I personally can't stand them because of the sweetener, but I know loads of ppl do).

Anonymous said...


I'm stopping by to visit from a comment you left on my site from the Blog Party.

Nice to "meet" you!


Amy said...

I like water when I am really thirsty but it can get really boring fast. I have tried putting lemon in it but I don't like that. I do like iced tea and my doctor said that was just like drinking water because it has no calories or sugar etc. I just talked to a dietician friend of mine and she said if you steep the tea for a minute or two and then dump that water and start over it will take the caffiene out. Good luck on getting healthier and finding something you like!!!

Stephanie said...

I try to make my water interesting by slicing up a lemon, freezing some strawberries in my ice cubes etc. I pour a huge glass and leave it accessible so I will remember to sip on it throughout the day!

mub said...

This is a really good idea! I'm a Diet Coke junkie instead of coffee, but I think the same rules could apply! Thanks for the tip =)

His View from the Glen said...

Wow, I never knew that drinking water was so complex.

For the record, I also live in the Glen (with Denise of "View from the Glen"). I thought I could add my comments to her insightful commentary.

I drink about 4 litres of water a day. If anyone wants to increase their consumption, here is my suggestion. Work at manual labour (in my case, dairy farming)for 10 -14 hours per day, preferably when it is really hot.

The water thing should take care of itself from there. Personally, I've been ready to drink ditch water at various times. Taste...pshaw, what is that?

As a side benefit, this technique is also good for insomnia.

Great blog. I'll have to read it more often.

'Becca said...

Chug a cup of water every time you go into the bathroom.

Keep a bottle of lemon or lime juice in the fridge and add a few drops to your glass of water. It tastes like you squeezed a wedge of lemon/lime in there, but it's much easier and less expensive than fresh citrus.

pippi said...

There is a fabulous product called TrueLemon, TrueLime or TrueOrange. It's dehydrated juice, so it tastes totally fresh but is really convenient. Add some to your water and it's darn near palatable. You can usually find the boxes of this stuff in the sugar aisle at the grocery store or Target

Melissa D at said...

I loathe green tea and Crystal Light (shudder) and water tastes great to me... but try adding something like slices of cucumber to the water -- very "afternoon picnic by the Thames"-ish! Or a mix of half juice, half water, or (real, brewed) iced tea. I'm a southern girl so don't even get me started on the abomination of instant tea! :-)

Maybe you have something in your water that makes it taste off? I love my Atlanta tap water but when I visit my relatives in California I can't drink it from the tap at all.