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Sunday, March 22, 2009

TV Challenged

We don't have TV at our house. Or rather we have a television, but only for movies. No TV channels. This is not for any smug holier-than-thou reason, but because I can't stand the constant droning and mediocre programming. And because I always feel worse after I've watched TV - like life and energy have been sucked out of me. And because I never have time to watch TV anyway.

Still, there are plenty of people who don't understand. Like the cable guy who refused to accept that we could live without being plugged in to TV. Or well meaning family members who knowingly told us we'd cave once the kids got older. Or the friends who tell us of all the educational shows their kids are watching.

None of it sways me. I barely notice we don't have it anymore, and the kids don't seem to care. But I had to laugh last week. While we were in Quebec City for March Break, we booked adjoining hotel rooms. And the kids were thrilled because there was a TV with channels in their room. It was mostly in french, but they didn't care - they happily watched TV every evening before bed. The night before we left they watched a hockey game, and I laughed again when Anna, needing to get something from another room, shouted out How do we pause this thing?

OMG, my kids are TV-challenged!

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