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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why It's Harder... get editing done in the summer when the kids are off: 

#1 - We want to swim in the pool; 

#2 - They keep asking me questions about some of the great books they are reading and I'm a sucker for discussion (and they know it). As a complete aside, I realize that while my kids are busy reading classics this summer, I'm into decidedly less literary books by authors like Diana Gabaldon and Stephen King. 

#3 - I have tie-died shirts to rinse, wash and hang and they want that done asap. They went to a barbecue and pool party yesterday and made these. Lots of 60's era fun:)

#4 - They are using my cell phone for a calculator and everytime Andrew texts me, they tell me, and that makes it harder to ignore (not that I EVER ignore texts from my husband. EVER.); 

#5 - Same as #1.


Julie said...

And see previous post :)
Not really lazy to want to enjoy beautiful sunny summer days. And hot weather makes one want to indulge in a bit of basking anyway - deck, chaise, book, music, drink - anyone???
Really hard to get the weekend housework done on a sunny weekend, can't escape the office during the sunny weekdays though.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, I'll come swim in the pool for you. Because I'm just helpful like that :P.

Coffee with Julie said...

I'm with you on this! And after that second swim in the pool, it's nap time, right? :)