View From The Glen

Monday, July 9, 2012

When I am 96...

...I want to walk down the cliff path to the lake to watch great-great nieces and nephew dive off the rocks

...I want to say that I can dive and swim too, and did until the doctor told me I had an ear infection six months ago

...I want to try something for the first time - like eat S'mores around the campfire and drink juice boxes

...I want to say, "There's too  much sex in this novel" and then not be able to put it down all evening and stay up late to read

...I want to throw the ball for the dogs and not mind when they shake lake water all over me

...I want to watch the fireflies dance before climbing back up to the cottage

...I want to borrow Jane Eyre from a 10-year-old and re-read the ending of a book I used to love long ago

...I want to fight over who does the cleaning up, and let myself lose gracefully

...I want to sit on the deck and watch the sun glimmer off the water

...I want, suddenly, to hear the cry of the loon, clear across the lake even though it's hard sometimes to hear the conversation at dinner

...I want to have pink toenails with flowers painted on them and wear clothes that coordinate

Great-Aunt Elvina enjoys her stay at the cottage

When I am 96, I want to be even half as active and interesting and easy to get along with as Andrew's great aunt Elvina, up at the cottage with us for a few days to escape the heat and bustle of Toronto.

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