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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Storm

Storm Clouds
It came up suddenly, the sky darkening in a moment to a mottled black and charcoal. And the wind-oh my, the wind. The canoe blew off the rack and slid onto its side and the iron deck chairs stood solid although the cushions tried to lift off. The barbecue rocked - but we experienced a storm like that before and wedged bricks under the rollers forcing it to stay in place - and the towel I dried myself off in after my swim this afternoon blew away like a sail towards the rose bushes.

I love that - the power and the passion of a sudden storm. It made me happy that I had to run into the wind to put my bike away and lock down the gates so the animals didn't escape. There has always been something about a storm that fierce that calls to me and makes me want to go out running in the gale.

The rain didn't so much start to fall as drop from the sky in sheets of silver. Every tree and plant around me was bowed to the side and I had to stand solidly so not to blow away myself, rooting my feet right into the ground and really enjoying the feel of the wind in my hair and whipping against my skin.

Wall of Grey


Mike P. said...

This was a pleasure to read, Denise. I get excited for storms as well.

coffee with julie said...

I love storms too!! (Well, mostly when I'm inside)