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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hanging Out

It's kinda crazy how empty the house feels without the kids.

I'm not complaining - they're away doing a survival scout camp for a week, and are bound to having a fabulous time.

But still, it's very strange to have so much time to do whatever I want.

It's not going to be a slack week. I am working on the upstairs den while they are away, and that is taking forever. I have five full manuscripts to read and report on by Thursday, and have a round of developmental edits to start on a new book by one of my favourite authors to work with.

I also have my own almost-not-quite-finalized book of poetry to finish up as well for the editorial eye that needs to be cast over it before the end of the summer. Not to mention a Critical Thinking course to prep and and a brand new Introductory Writing course to plan for September when I return to teaching.

Not having the kids around certainly ups my productivity.

But I'll miss this. Hanging out with them in the mornings. Before the day really gets going.

Hanging out with the kids

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Anonymous said...

Hey - what about meeting me for lunch in Montreal sometime? That could be a fun way to keep from missing the kids...

I'm only half joking - I might actually be making it to your neck of the woods sometime in the next couple weeks. I'll call. Be great to see you.