View From The Glen

Sunday, January 22, 2012

 Wouldn't it have been glorious to wear this dress and matching gloves in 1939? There is something resplendent and yet bittersweet about such luxuriousness on the eve of World War II.

I don't very often get to dress up and go out anymore. Twenty years ago, I had a closet full of evening gowns and cocktail dresses that I wore to a myriad of naval functions: The Trafalgar Ball, New Year's Soirees, Meet and Greet events held at the fabulous Wardroom (Naval Officer's Mess) in Halifax, or events held in one of many private clubs where our commanding officers would host evenings of food and wine and music. As a lieutenant, I could have worn uniform, and often did wear my formal mess kit, but more often than not, when non military members were joining us, I wore evening attire. Not quite like this dress, unfortunately.

But occasionally, events like last night's International Wine Festival are held at the same happy time as we are able to organize babysitting (hello, Grandma and Grampa!), and though I don't have many gowns left in my closet, I do have a little black dress that was perfect for the event.

Dressing up, doing my hair (which, for me means drying my hair. With an actual hair dryer), wearing high heels and - yikes - makeup...let's just say it doesn't happen often. But perhaps that is part of the charm of going out for the evening.

We had a wonderful time. International cuisine (the Indian food was superb), plenty of unique wines to try, good friends, plenty of socializing, a super jazz band, and an ice-blue mime that welcomed us to the event.

No, we don't get out to functions like this as often as once we did. We do enjoy good food and company, but have sort of evolved into homebodies who invite friends over for dinner where we duke out seating arrangements with the kids, or who host an afternoon of snowshoeing followed by an evening sitting by the fire and enjoying a casual pot luck, or who throw a bonfire party in the dusk at the last minute. Even the dinner parties we enjoy that are more formal don't exactly call for evening dress. And I like it that way.

But sometimes - sometimes - swanky events like last night just fit the bill.


Leanne Haines said...

Sounds like a treat! And on occasion we need a treat like that. Although, given the choice I think I would prefer the snowshoeing and the fire... But I do still love to dress up, once in a while.

Denise Nielsen said...

Concur, heartily. But we can do the snowshoeing and fire anyday whereas glamourous nights out are few and far between.

Sasha said...

Getting all dolled-up is absolutely part of the excitement! We've evolved into homebodies too, especially since having kids. And it does seem that there are less opportunities to get dressed up, as we all evolve into a culture of casual.