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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Blogging Comment Challenge

One of the things I've been bad at doing recently is visiting other blogs and leaving comments. It's Twitter's fault (heh heh). Twitter often leads me to cool blogs, but so often my comment seems quicker and easier in the form of a tweet back, and I have noticed that trend on my own blog too. People often comment via Twitter instead of on the blog.

No biggie, but blog comments are a different species of comment. And frankly, while I love Twitter, I kind of miss some of the blogging connections I had built. I recently updated my blogroll of regular blogs I follow, and knew I wanted to make a concerted effort to check in and comment more often.

Then (via Twitter) came a post from a peek inside the fishbowl about making Sunday Blogging Comment Day. I left a comment that it was a super idea and decided to take up the challenge. Every Sunday, I'm going to try to leave 5 comments on blog posts. And to up the ante, I'm going to try and make 2-3 a week be new blogs because let's face it, half of social media is meeting new people. I've been fortunate to have old friends who blog with me, but I've also met numerous new friends through blogging.

And so begins the challenge. I made it today, leaving posts on the following new-to-me blogs.

Chaos Theory
Kitchen Counter Chronicles

If you have any links to other blogs, feel free to leave them.

Or, you know, there is always Twitter. I'm still there.


Christian Sarono said...

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Louise said...

thank you for stopping by and providing my link - i did a happy dance! greatly appreciated :)