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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Chain Letter Equivalency

I love Facebook, yes even with the new timeline. I love seeing pictures of my cousins' babies all the way over in the UK, and keeping up with the lives of friends who live around the country. Without Facebook, my connection with these people would be tenuous: a Christmas card, and an occasional phone call, at best.

But there is one thing that Facebook enables that drives me crazy and I call it the chain letter equivalency. You know what I'm talking about...a post that makes a comment or suggestion (often quite interesting) and then urges everyone to "repost on your status if you agree with it." Sometimes it goes even further, implying that if you don't repost, you are perhaps not the very good friend you assumed yourself to be.

I just want to get one thing straight for all my FB friends...If I didn't want to follow you, I wouldn't. Simple as that. So sorry if I don't post a word in the comments that describes you and starts with the third letter of my name, and then repost to my status because it will be fun. Sorry if I am one of the many who won't repost a disease or condition for only one hour on my status. Let me reassure you that I care about you, and about the disease, and about small chia pets in Egypt - I just don't want to repost the information.

Now, I am mocking just a little. And because I have a friend considering joining Facebook (Hi Julie), let me also say quite seriously that what I get out of this social media platform far eclipses this reposting nonsense. And many things that are reposted are fascinating, timely and entertaining, for example this one (thank you, Keitha!):

But one that circulated today started this rant because it, in particular, epitomizes all that is silly and annoying about these things.

It looks like this:

If you have a wonderful man in your life... A man who helps bring balance to your world... A man who is perfect for you... A man who would do anything for you....A man who makes you laugh and drives you crazy....A man who is your best friend and soul mate..... A man who you want to grow old with.... A man who you're thankful for everyday and is the one and only true love of your life.... Brag about him a little and repost this! I LOVE YOU (INSERT NAME HERE)=)

Seriously. Seriously!

If you do have a man like that in you life, by all means brag about him. By all means post about how you love and adore him (though too much baring of souls in a public forum is another form of Facebook abuse, so tread carefully). By all means tell us that he is the yin to your yang, that he brings you flowers for no reason, or that he picks up the kids and makes dinner without complaint.

But don't do it

  • in a cut and paste post 
  • that someone else created 
  • because someone else told you to.

Not cool. Definitely not romantic.


Leanne Haines said...

Hear hear!!! I absolutely concur!

Is Julie really considering joining FB? Wow!

Denise Nielsen said...

Yep. Or so she just told me.

Anonymous said...

As my 15 year old students would say, "Word!"

Alyssa said...

Brilliant read as always. I love your mind! Aly

Bibliomama said...

Are there two kinds of people in the world - those who think this kind of thing is appealing and the rest of us? Honestly, I've often been quite irritated with people I otherwise really like because of this nonsense. Have you seen the one about manners, where it ends with something like "I know who will repost. Others will not because they don't (have manners) and it shows!" So now if I don't repost your drivel it's because I have no manners and I wasn't RAISED RIGHT? And people don't get how this might be offensive?

Deep breath. Touched a nerve indeed! :)