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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I apologize....

to Finola, to the Mindful Merchant, to Leanne, Lindsay, Cyndi, Christine.

And to a bunch of other wonderful bloggers out there.

I've been reading your blogs regularly. I love them. It makes me happy to see a new post up. But I've been too busy to sign in, to leave comments, to engage with you. It's not a good excuse, but it's the one I have.

I know that you have all left comments on my blog, and I appreciate it I really do. And it reminds me that I need to find the time to write back because this blogging thing is not a one way relationship.

I apologize also...

to my readers....those of you who I know are out there who don't leave comments, as well as those of you who do sometimes (hello, Julie, Keitha).

My blog posts have beer erratic lately. I know this. I have good intentions. I have lots of things to say, pictures I can use, stories to tell.

Recently, there have been many new things taking up my time. I'm not quite ready to divulge, but it's an exciting, whirlwind, chaotic time for me. And it has meant that something had to give...this time around it is this blog.

But if you can bear with me another month or two; if you can tolerate the sketchy posting and forgive me for the lack of meaningful interaction, I promise it will get better.


Finola said...

You are so sweet Denise. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I come by and visit you and comment because I like what you have to say. You don't owe us anything in return. Also, I for one have had bloggy slumps where I haven't posted regularly or I haven't commented as much as I would have liked. For me family and work have to come first, and blogging, while I love it, is my hobby and sometimes it will have to slip.

We working parents put too much guilt on our own shoulders, so please don't add to your burden :)

Mindful Merchant said... hug. :) Ditto to Finola's message - amen sista! It is always fun to read a new post but no one is keeping track of how often they appear. (Gee, I hope that isn't the case!) Your posts are always interesting and so beautifully written. Slumps happen and life is full and exciting. We bloggers have to be careful not to put pressure on ourselves to is supposed to be fun. Laura

Mindful Merchant said...

p.s. Very curious about the exciting things going on in your life... Congrats! :)

Leanne Haines said...

I have absolutely no idea how you manage to get done all you NEED to do, let alone all you WANT to do, Denise! No apologies necessary! I love that we have this way of connecting, and certainly it will happen, but please don't ever feel obligated. I can't wait until our getaway in November, when we can really share all has been on our hearts and minds these busy days!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting in on this hug and echoing Finola's point! Never apologize :-) This place is supposed to be a fun place to escape to, and that means no pressure. I'm happy you have exciting things happening, and I can't wait to learn more!!

cbmamainnf said...

Denise- I am in the same boat- I read but have not commented a lot lately. Just keep on posting- it makes ME feel good LOL

Anonymous said...

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