View From The Glen

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


What is summer without a relaxing week at the cottage? I blogged about it last year, about the cottage itself, the boating and the campfires, and really, nothing has changed much since then, so I won't repeat what I already wrote - though I could wax poetic about that kind of week forever.

This year, we did all the same things. The kids can leap off the rock into the deep water without life jackets now so that was new. Eagle Island was still there with pools of cray fish, and the two loons that give the cottage lane its name still call mournfully across the still lake.

Morning and evening canoe rides, three-times-a-day swims, constant food, campfires (and marshmallows), and exploring the forest and rocks (and finding a wasp nest that stung Erik 15 times and he was so brave).

On the weekend Andrew came down, and the whole family came Saturday for a surprise birthday party for Anna (which she said was the best part of the week).

My favourite part: that moment you get standing on a warm rock in the sun, gazing into the cool sunlit lake, right before you dive. Knowing that it will feel so cold when you hit the water, and so exhilarating once it is done.


Steve & Cyndi said...

Vacation rocks doesn't it!! It looks like you had a great time-
Happy Birthday to Anna!!

The Mindful Merchant said...

I love the masthead photo, it's so beautiful. Your holiday sounds and looks relaxing and happy.

Finola said...

It sounds just perfect. We do a cottage week every summer too, and it is by far my favourite week of the entire year.