View From The Glen

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Cottage

Lichen and moss, and granite and pine
Water lapping and sun,
And really, really wet dogs.

Hemmed in, protected by rock and stone
We walk down dappled paths across a
Sunlit carpet of pine needles to the lake
Pristine and calm
Down steps carved out of the Canadian Shield.

Kids cannonball off the rock which juts into the lake,
A shallow bay on one side and a gentle slope to shore
And deep clear water and a clean drop on the other
Cool before the morning sun's heat
Warms up the water and reflects it back, golden.

The smell of sunscreen, wet hair in tangles - getting blonder in the sun
Coffee outside, the steam rising in morning's chill
Browned faces, hungry stomachs
A splash, a shout, a shared laugh
Damp towels slung over shoulders, dancing barefooted over pebbles
Wet swimsuits and life jackets hung
Over railings to dry.

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