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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The 100 Mile Challenge

As previously mentioned, I am participating this week in the 100 mile challenge. Oh I am no longer living in Creemore where the challenge came from, but saw no reason for that to impede my participation.

Realistically I know the limitations of eating as locally as possible. So for my purposes, I decided that for this week we would focus on eating dinner from ingredients that were sourced as locally as possible. I even scoured the LCBO for two bottles of wine from nearby Prince Edward County, although I know there are wineries closer.

And then I planned my menu for the week.

Saturday: Hamburgers & Potato Thyme Salad - our beef, home made buns, farmer market tomatoes, and  lettuce, baby red potatoes and thyme all from the garden. Glazed Peach Pie - farmer's market peaches, homemade crust.

Sunday: Sausages and mashed potato with Carrots - sausages from local butcher (who buys local meat), potatoes and carrots from the garden. Peach Raspberry Pie - using farmer's market peaches and frozen raspberries we picked ourselves in July.
OOPS - we also had nachos and homemade guac - none of which was local.

Monday: Caesar Salad - all garden fresh ingredients for salad, and local bacon. Can't vouch for where the anchovy paste, parmesan, red wine vinegar and mayo came from for the dressing; Chicken kabobs - from our local butcher.

Tuesday: Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops and wilted spinach salad - home grown lamb, garden herbs, garlic and spinach, farmers market red onion and grocery store Feta.

Wednesday: Beef on a bun - our prime beef, garden onions, homemade (bread machine, anyway) bread; garden cabbage and garden green salad.

Thursday: Quiche - fresh local eggs, local artisanal cheese, bacon from the local butcher, served with a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, grated cheese, and fresh basil.

Friday: Going to the Williamstown Fair - have no idea what scrumptious local food we will find there.

And thus ends my 100 mile week. It's easy and yet - at the same time - not as easy as it sounds.


Mindful Merchant said...

Yum! I want to come to dinner at your home. lol Congratulations for making it through the week, it sounds so challenging.

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