View From The Glen

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Girl

Anna is 9 today, and true to her nature, she is organizing her own birthday party.

There are to be balloons tied to the picnic table.

Cheesy Sausages on the BBQ, the last of the sweet corn and some potatoes from the garden.

Presents, of course.

And chocolate cake with candles.

She has such simple needs.

She made a birthday playlist of music she wants: I think it's amusing that it includes the classical Requiem For A Tower, as well as the well known campfire song Something To Sing About, and music from Taylor Swift. It speaks of the place she is in - all grown up in some ways, a child in other ways, a nd somewhere in the middle the rest of the time.

A perfect place. For a perfect 9 year old. Who deserves a perfect birthday party.

I'm off to blow up balloons!


Leanne Haines said...

She looks more and more like you with every picture, Denise. I'm afraid in a few years I'm going to feel like I'm back in high school homeroom looking over a few rows! You have been cloned!

Steve & Cyndi said...

I hope she has a great party!! Happy Birthday Anna!!!!! Denise - she looks JUST like you!!

Denise Nielsen said...

Yeah - it's the messy blonde hair trait.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to her! I hope her day was as special as she deserves!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! Your daughters plans sounds wonderful. 9 - what a great age.