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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Weekend Fun

The kids and I are curled up on the serenity couch this blustery Sunday afternoon watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's been a great weekend, though we all went in different directions.

Erik and Anna went to Cub Camp with Andrew. They had to hike into the cabin with all their gear on their backs, which meant they were carrying bags that were as big as them. All I can say is, I have tough kids.

At camp they cooked, hiked, read maps, did skits around a campfire, and earned their Black Star Badge, the colour of which - judging by the state of them when they got home today at lunch - refers to how dirty they were going to get.

Then they came home and dumped everything on the kitchen floor.

While they were gone, Grace and I had our own adventure. She was so excited about our weekend together and so we made the most of it. I took her to see Alice In Wonderland, which was utterly fantastic. Grandma came too and we went out for dinner afterwards.

At home later, there was art and books and just hanging out together. Being the youngest, she hasn't had many opportunities to have me all to herself, but she made up for it waking me up early (because Daylight Saving Time didn't interrupt my sleep enough) with a list of plans for the morning: More art, bake cupcakes (to surprise her brother and sister), Dairy Queen for lunch.

Then everyone was home.

Andrew had to work, so after he left again, I made Erik and Anna shower and change into clean clothes, we threw in the first of what is likely a few baskets of laundry, and with everyone a bit tired (but clean and fresh), we have settled in to watch Narnia.


BigLittleWolf said...

Art and Dairy Queen. Sounds like an ideal household. (Are you looking to adopt? I come with my shoes... and fit neatly in kid-sized furnishings.)

Denise Nielsen said...

Oh come if you want - we have lots of space. Um - you may have to share a room with a 6 year old- presume that's not a problem:)