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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Barnyard politics

I sat outside in the weak spring sun the other day, with a cup of coffee, my camera, and a smile as I watched barnyard politics in action. The lambs get away with a lot, they're so cute, but there's one or two crusty sheep who get a bit stroppy once in a while ~ when a lamb uses them as a stepping stone, for example, in a shortcut across the meadow. And just as in life, there's always one over-protective mother whose lambs stand dutifully by her side while their playmates frolic merrily. Rozenlynda quite clearly feels the other lambs are way out of line - she's practically frowning out there. Not that the other mothers care. And the rams stand nonchalently off to the side (unless they're sparring with the bull), as if to say, we've done our bit. Now leave us alone.

Nothing beats the blues faster than a field full of lambs. They skip, they chase, they leap, they play. No worries, no fears, just enthusiastic gambolling. Nowhere is off limits. They're on the hay bales, up in the rock pile, climbing over each other in what looks like a never-ending quest to be "King of the Mountain."

Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face!

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Farmgirl Susan said...

You're absolutely right - nothing beats the blues like a field full of bouncing baby lambs. And yours are darling! :)