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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good for the Goose

The neighbour across the river left a message on our answering machine two days ago. By the time we finally tracked him down - leaving two messages of our own in the process - we were curious as to what he wanted.

Maybe he wanted to know if Andrew still cleared snow?

Maybe he wanted someone to hay his field this summer?

Maybe the sound of our sheep dog barking at coyotes (and the occasional train) was driving him nuts?

The interesting thing about having a reputation for eccentricity is that you never know what surprises lie in store. In this case, the neighbour had a goose that was getting violent and he wanted to know:
  1. If we knew how to deal with a violent goose;
  2. If we wanted the goose; and
  3. If we knew how to butcher, pluck, and cook a goose.
Now how many people can claim to be so sought after?

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