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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fashion Sense

Kevin, who used to work with me in marketing, (and who USED to be a friend) was over at my desk the other day and we were discussing new marketing in the context of social media. The talk turned to the demise of traditional advertising/PR avenues such as newspapers. I get all my news online at these days, and I like the convenience of it all though as an ex-newspaper editor, I feel sadness at this too. Kevin agreed with me, and said the beauty of the internet is that you can just look at the areas which interest you.

oh, but I used to like browsing through the big Saturday Ottawa Citizen or Globe and Mail, I told him (remembering lazy morning before kids when that was possible).

You have to admit though, he returned, that there were some sections you wouldn't have read. Like fashion.

Like fashion! Zing!

I mean, what exactly was Kevin trying to say? I am obviously a keen fashion observer - you just have to look at my kids for proof.

Wait a sec - Erik likes to wear shinpads over his arms and legs to look like a gladiator or Roman Emperor.

Anna thinks pink cowboy boots and purple shorts are a great mix. They certainly make a statement!

And is Grace wearing pink pants and a red shirt? Yes, I believe so.

So maybe fashion sense is not our forte.

Still, I prefer to think Kevin was making a comment about my obvious intelligence being above trivial matters such as fashion, rather than a comment about my personal fashion sense. Hey, we can't all be Michelle Obama!

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