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Friday, May 1, 2009

Just like Julius Caesar

Erik came downstairs the other day wearing the following:

  • blue shorts
  • white t-shirt, belted at waist
  • black knee high socks (he's part British, what can I say)
  • a sword
  • 4 soccer shinpads - one on each arm, one on each shin.
Mom, he said, do I look just like Julius Caesar?

Just like, I agreed.

Because it's Celebrity Day at school, he continued.

Never mind that everyone else in the school was dressed up as Hannah Montana, Jack Sparrow, Elvis Presley or various other rock stars/actors.

I did try to get him to consider changing his mind. Could he think of someone else? Someone more of a celebrity, perhaps.

I could go as Richard the Lionheart, he ventured.

Maybe we need to branch out a little.

But then, I suppose Julius was a celebrity in his own time.

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