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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been fascinated by the media (internet, mostly) focus on Michelle Obama's clothes.

Riveting Stuff.

And I'm wondering why I haven't been noticed for my very own fashion sense.

Oh right. I have none.

I have 2 styles: Summer - where I wear a collection of navy blue capris, shorts, or skirts, along with a variety of white and off white t-shirts and blouses; and winter - where I wear a collection of brown and black cords with a variety of brown and black (and the occasional white) turtlenecks and sweaters. Those 2 looks, along with a pair of denim jeans get me from work to weekend all year long. Oh - and a pair of oversized coveralls for working with the animals.

And I'm wondering what Andrew would say if I traded my black pants and turtleneck for a fabulous dress/coat ensemble?

Probably he'd think someone had stolen his wife.

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