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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Natasha's Wedding

Tash and Denis got married yesterday and Anna and Grace got to be part of the ceremony.

It all started out well enough. The kids were adorable.

A little nervous, and Tash's son Jacob did his best to stay out of the pictures - I have a bunch of the back of his head.

But they smiled while they had pictures taken at the labyrinth, and politely tried sushi while waiting for cake.

But then the face painters arrived.

And my beautiful girls vanished.

Buit I found these cute tigers and brought them home instead. Can we keep them?

It was a beautiful wedding. Congrats Denis and Natasha.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics Denise! I've got a lovely photo of the girls for you
(8x10). I'm so sorry about the "rash" I remember it happening to Aidan one year when he stuck his head in the "Big Bird" birthday cake.
We must have a BBQ soon and take advantage of the sunny days (Do I sound hopeful?).

Super Blog - I must start one up soon.