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Friday, May 8, 2009

Universal Truth

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mother who has been at a child's rambunctious birthday party for two hours must be in want of a large glass of wine...

Or more than one...

I drank a couple of glasses of Spanish wine last night. This was my reward for overseeing Grace's birthday party with 8 little friends. They were all so good, and well-behaved, and only as rambunctious as can be expected, but I still felt I'd been run over by a train at 7pm when we were finally home alone again.

Andrew gave in without a fight when I suggested watching the start of Pride & Prejudice* after the children went to bed so I must have been looking a little frayed around the edges.

Actually, it's a fun and fresh perspective watching period movies with Andrew. He has a way of succinctly summarizing what is going on:

So, Colin Firth (Darcy) stands around brooding and looking sulky and this is why women find him irrisistable?

Well, yeah, something like that...

*(NOTE on P&P: we started the Colin Firth version which I have NEVER SEEN - an oversight I intend to correct over the next few weeks!)

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