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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hurray for Queen Victoria

Let's face it, winter is long in this northern part of the world, and by the time the sun is starting to really warm up the earth in May we're ready for the long Victoria Day (aka the May 2-4) weekend of sunshine and relaxation.

At least I am.

Easter is usually still cold. April can be chilly. May's not perfect all the time, but it's a vast improvement on the previous four months.

And so I look forward to the May long weekend - visions of a shady hammock, a good book, a relaxed three days with the kids and the dog, a family lunch, and a picnic or two..

We'll make a pitcher of lemonade and serve it over frozen raspberries and mint leaves, toss some kabobs on the barbecue, and gather around a campfire in the late afternoon.

And enjoy the official unofficial start to a Canadian Summer.

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