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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Lady

One special lady in our lives has a birthday today: Andrew's grandmother, Betty, known to all of us as Gram. Many Happy Returns, Gram!

This is her a year or two ago holding a copy of her memoires - her younger self gazing out from the cover.

Yup, she was quite a dashing young woman. I hope my kids inherited some of those genes!

She served in the British Army, married a Canadian and came here as a war bride with a young daughter (my mother-in-law) in tow.

Today she lives with Tasha (a cat) and loves nothing more than visiting with her great-grandchildren (she has 6 of them).

Gram and I share a love of Rosamunde Pilcher and Maude Binchy novels; she also has a soft spot for me because I grew up in Manchester and have an uncle and aunt living in Wigan (where she was from and where her brother still lives).
(This is Gram on the right with her late husband's sister - another special lady, Aunt Elvina)
I have a soft spot for her for many reasons: because she buys me books and reads them first; because she adores the children; because she is independent and outspoken about things that mean something to her; because when the kids and I called her this morning and sang Happy Birthday dreadfully out of tune, she loved it; because even in her 80's she is off doing things (like in this picture taken a year or so back when she took a train to Halifax for the War Bride Reunion.)
Mostly though, just because she is Gram.

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