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Friday, May 20, 2011


I'll be honest, it hasn't feel much like summer. Rain, rain. Cold days. A desire to light a little fire in the evenings. I mean, really, what is that about?

But here I am on the Friday of the long Victoria Day weekend, thinking summer is here.

And although it is overcast outside (but warm at last), there are a number of signs that make me believe this. Here's my top ten.
  1. It's the long weekend. So it has to be summer.
  2. My Bridal Spirea are in full beautiful bloom.
  3. The grass needs to be cut. Again.
  4. My Linden Tree has leafed (and this makes me so incredibly happy after the disasterous events of last summer...Just glad it survived, even if we don't get the full lime smell and visual glory this year.)
  5. There were June bugs last night cracking their little hard bodies against the windows.
  6. The windows are all open and the breeze is sweet.
  7. There are packages of seeds all over the kitchen and a roughly drawn garden sketch.
  8. It's Erik's birthday tomorrow and I promised him summer would start on his birthday every year (because I'm his mom and I can make promises like that).
  9. I can sit and have lunch on the veranda without a sweater.
  10. It's the long weekend. So it has to be summer. Yes that's repeated, but it's the most important point.
Happy Victoria Day Weekend, everyone.

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