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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Erik!

In the past, for my children's birthdays, I have always posted a blog about them, with the milestones, some pictures, some biased motherly adoration and admiration. But I pause this year, on Erik's birthday.

I pause because he is 11 today, and seems suddenly to have passed out of the realm of childhood. Not that he's all grown up, but I get the feeling he's too grown up to be blogged about. I don't think he minds - he's a very easy-come-easy-go kid - but I am starting to wonder if perhaps I mind.

Had my mother written a blog when I was 11, I'd have died of embarrassment should she decide to dedicate a page to all my idiosyncrasies and delight in all the things lovable she found in me. Maybe a nod or two to the funny things I said or did, and a cute photo or two just to round things out and really make me wish the floor would open and let me fall through it.

Perhaps there is an age where it stops being appropriate to talk about our kids' lives. I don't know if that day is today, but am going to tread softly and simply say this:

Happy 11th Birthday, Erik.


Ruth A Casie said...

Happy Birthday Eric!

I blog about my kids because they are a big part of my life. It is also something that many of us have in common. It is one way to relate to each other.

When do you stop? I'm not certain. Maybe when I've told you everything but I hope that never happens.

... Ruth

Capital Mom said...

Happy birthday Eric!

(and I don't know when the day I have to stop blogging about my kids is but I hope it is far off!)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Eric! It's so important to reflect on what it felt like (for us) at that age...I'm also trying to do that with my daughters. Hope he had a wonderful day.

Leanne Haines said...

I'll never stop blogging about my kids. I know they may hate it one day, and then I'll probably lay off a bit, but never completely. They are far too intricately woven into the fabric of my life!

Sarah said...

I too have an 11 year old boy. This morning his first words to me were "Really, Mom?" and when I said, "What?" he glared at the scarf on my head and said, "No offense, but you look retarded."
Bless their rapidly-blackening little hearts!