View From The Glen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I Am Not As Productive As I Want To Be

If I only had that third hand, think of what I could accomplish!


Leanne Haines said...

You look so cozy!!! What a dream life! I want my house to look and feel as cozy as yours. Do I need to get a dog and a cat for that to happen?

Finola said...

I love it! I often look just like that, except I'm cuddled with kids instead of pets :)

Denise Nielsen said...

Yes, Lee, I think the dog and cat are required. Do you want them? (Great, now they're looking disdainfully up at me - animals - can't take a joke!)

Finola last night saw me on the couch with a book that I couldn't read because there were children in the way. So I know what you mean.

Alex said...

What a GREAT picture and caption! Between my cats and my kids (and my snuggly husband), I'm amazed that I ever type anything!