View From The Glen

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sure Signs of Spring

Wellingtons and Cleats in the Mudroom.

Cherry Blossom Budding

Muddy, Dirty, Tailgate

Garden Waiting To Be Tilled;
Wood Waiting To Be Stacked & Dried

Maple. Ash. Come Back To Me Now.
(This was me channeling Treebeard)

New Grass Seeding. New Path.

My Darling Spirea Shrubs. Hmm. And Weeds.

Pastoral Sheep
One of them on the wrong side of the fence
(Because they truly believe the grass is always greener.)

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cbmamainnf said...

I LOVE spring. Today the kids and I are going to buy Mom a bike!!!! Can ot wait- other than last month biking over the golden Gate bridge I have not biked since I wa 15!!!!!