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Friday, April 9, 2010

Lazy Linking

I'm feeling a bit lazy, blaming the weather, so instead of coming up with original material, I'm going to suggest a few links:

With apologies to Nicholas Sparks fans, I thought I'd die laughing reading this post.

My friend Cyndi offers this tidbit. You may have heard it before, but it's worth remembering.

If you're a mom, particularly of young girls, you should check out this important conversation that Candace Derickx started: She has some great links too.

Jamie Oliver gives us food for thought - literally - in his now-famous TED speech. For the record my kids grow their own gardens and sometimes mix up potatoes and tomatoes, but there is some great stuff here. Beware: TED is addictive.

Brave writers (I know, all writers are brave) who want to get tips on writing a query or get feedback on their work, can do no better than check out or where writing is harshly - but fairly - critiqued.

And finally, an intriguing discussion on the ethics of book buying in a digital age. As a purchaser, are you buying the format or the content?

Let me know if you linked to any of these and what you thought.


cbmamainnf said...

AHHH a quiet Friday nght at home- Steve is at his mess dinner. NOw I can relax and enjoy some other things people are thinking...thanks!!!

Leanne Haines said...

If only I had more time on my hands! I'll have to put the kids to bed and really check out some of these other sights. Already read the Nicholas Sparks one -- HILARIOUS, and SO TRUE! Love it! I checked out Cindy's too, and I had heard it before. Such a great illustration. Thanks for giving me some stuff to chew on this weekend while hubby is away!

Rowina Deane said...

DRM (Digital Rights Management) issues are of great interest to authors. That was an interesting link. Thanks.

Rowina Deane said...

Also, WOW! I linked to the one about girls and sex and watched the 30 minute video. I don't have kids but it really hit me. To be honest, it gave me a moment of self-doubt - do I contribute to the problem by being a writer of romance (and sometimes erotic romance) fiction???

stayathomemd said...

I almost died laughing when I read the Nicholas Sparks thing. I literally had tears coming out of my eyes. Thank you.