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Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We had a perfectly lovely quiet New Year this year, blanketed literally by snow and unwilling to venture out of doors unneccessarily. We had made it to see the fireworks and the festival of lights earlier in the evening, and had come home to eat the sausage rolls Anna made, sipping whiskey and wine beside the fire, and enjoying hanging out together as the old year drew to a close.

This year, the kids wanted to stay up until midnight. I think we hit 10pm before sending them off to bed, though Grace wanted to have a camp out with Nanny and I'm not exactly sure what time she ended up going to sleep. As for me, I don't need to stay up to enjoy New Year's Eve, and Andrew was working at 5am on January 1st, so we went to bed early and welcomed 2010 when we woke up.

2009 was a good year. I look forward to 2010, and the milestones it will bring.

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Laura said...

What a beautiful photo of the trees in that on your property? It looks like a painting. I like the photo of your snowboarding family too.