View From The Glen

Friday, January 22, 2010


We got goldfish at Christmas. The tank was a present for Grace, and there are five fish - one for each of us. There's Goldie (Anna's fish), Theodore (Grace's fish), Fish (Andrew's fish), Simon (Erik's fish) and Sinatra (my fish).

I should say there were five. But this morning we woke up to find Goldie floating belly up on top of the tank and there were tears.

I wanted him to get big and fat.
Why was it my fish?
This is a nightmare. (Anna has a flair for drama)

So among my other talents this morning – breakfast maker, dog walker, pet feeder, skate finder, lunch packer, sock matcher, pizza dough maker – I also got to be grief counselor and funeral director.

Whew! They should pay us moms more!


Leanne Haines said...

I agree! We have the most important and underpaid job! Please give Anna my condolences!

I have to say, I love the fish names! Sinatra, especially. But I do think Andrew should be persuaded to rename Fish "Alvin", so you would have a full set of Chipmunks fish.

cbmamainnf said...

I SO have been there!!!!! We "LOST" our gldfish a couple of years ago- realised we do not have the knack to raise fish and gave up- AFTER a full week of drama....

I think I will stick to dogs.

And yes- Mom's should be paid a hell of a lot!! See MY post from today LOL