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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Note for Grace's teachers: If she comes into school today telling you we played "nazi" last night, don't be jumping to any conclusions.

At first it was just a simple mistake. We're playing nazi, nazi, nazi, she sang.

We gently corrected her: it's Yahtzee, darling.

Her big brother was less kind: It's NOT NAZI. They're the BAD GUYS, he shouted.

And once she knew just how much it irritated her big brother, she just kept on doing it. Because she's 6.

And he kept shouting at her to stop. Which made her say it more.

And I kept wondering when or if he'd ever realize just how futile his efforts were.

And we kept playing.

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Leanne Haines said...

Too cute! BTW, Janelle got that same sweater for Christmas. Wish our kids lived close enough to be friends! Maybe we could make them pen-pals someday...